25 May 2022

Additive manufactured, production plastic parts in “rigid white”

Introducing Figure 4 Rigid White, a new production-grade additive manufacturing material from 3D Systems that allows manufacturers to quickly create clean, opaque white parts that are durable and accurate.

Figure 4 Rigid White helps cut down on both tooling costs and time by making it possible to produce same-day finished parts with exceptional throughput and excellent long-term environmental stability, up to eight years indoor and two years outdoor exposure.

Figure 4 Rigid White has a superior surface quality and a clean white colour that maintains its appearance. This makes it ideal where a smooth finish and biocompatible capabilities are required, such as:

  • Handles and fixtures for medical applications
  • Electronics enclosures and other small components or parts for devices
  • Motor housings, covers, guards, jigs, fixtures, and snap-fit parts

Materials Guide – True Production-Grade Materials for Figure 4

Company info: 3D Systems (USA)