04 Mar 2024

Advanced LTO Infrared Detectors

Pyroelectric Detectors That Bridge the Benefits of LTO and DLaTGS

Laser Components has announced it introduced its latest achievement in detector technology at SPIE Photonics West 2024.

The company says by creating an ultrathin LTO detector (Lithium Tantalate – LiTaO3), it has developed a design that minimises noise while increasing responsivity by four times using sub-pixel binning.

The Advanced LTO Infrared Detectors operate well within room temperature with no depoling concerns and require no temperature stabilisation, typical for DLaTGS detectors. These pyroelectric detectors operate within single channel voltage mode without the need for cooling.

The Advanced LTO Infrared Detectors can maintain high performance up to 1 kHz and can be used out to approximately 10 kHz with fast response to IR flux changes. The flexibility to choose a wavelength range that best fits an application is enabled with the selection of transmission windows. The prominent choice being a KBr window that transmits out to 30 μm with an option for a parlyene moisture protective coating. Additional BaF2, CaF2, CsI, CVD diamond, silicon, and ZnSe transmission windows are also available.


Company info: Laser Components