20 Feb 2024

AI Maturity Assessment launched to support communication service providers with AI strategy


Nokia says its AI Maturity Assessment can help communication service providers (CSPs) better leverage autonomously driven software solutions that can reduce network congestion, improve network quality, and enhance the customer experience with new products and services.

The tool assesses where an operator stands against competitors in different markets and guides the operator to their own AI strategy and adoption. An assessment is based around a framework of eight dimensions – from AI strategy and autonomous operations to customer experience – and a further 67 sub-dimensions.

It provides an operator with a view of its maturity at each dimension and compares that against peers. It also maps out a CSP’s path through five levels of automation, including the earliest, assisted, to the most advanced, zero-touch, at which stage automated, intent-driven AI capabilities can predict network faults and issues, and deliver network optimisation decisions with closed-loop learning.

With Nokia partnering with CSPs in their AI transformation journey, CSPs can get a clear understanding about which AI solutions can benefit their network environment in the short, medium, and long-term. It is also intended to steer CSPs away from taking a ‘wait and watch’ approach, which carries the risk of being left behind by competitors and missing out on the benefits that AI can bring.

Adaora Okeleke, Analysis Mason, Principal Analyst, commented: “Artificial Intelligence technologies are set to transform many aspects of the telco industry and our daily lives. Yet many telco organisations aren’t well positioned to take advantage of AI. Telcos need tools that can assess their AI readiness (including skillset, tools and processes), and provide recommendations on how to optimise these capabilities in making the most of the opportunities AI will bring to transforming their operations”.

Company info: Nokia