15 Apr 2024

Brand-new standalone thermographic camera

Fluke Process Instruments offers rugged temperature measurement solutions and acoustic imagers along with versatile software tools for various industry applications

Fluke Process Instruments has announced it will be showcasing its temperature measurement solutions at the SENSOR+TEST and SMTconnect trade fairs in Nuremberg, Germany, May 9 – 11, 2023.

At the SENSOR+TEST, the manufacturer says it will premiere the brand-new standalone thermographic camera ThermoView TV30 with an integrated web server. The new infrared camera for fixed installation is designed for 24/7 monitoring of manufacturing processes and equipment to ensure operational safety and quality compliance. It has a wide measuring range of -10 °C – 1300 °C (14 °F – 2372 °F), can be easily connected to a PLC via OPC UA or MQTT and transmits measurement data and analyses in real time.

Additional solutions at the Fluke Process Instruments SENSOR+TEST booth will cover virtually all industrial applications: rugged infrared sensors including explosion-proof versions, miniaturised spot pyrometers for cost-sensitive OEM measurement solutions, line scanners for thermal imaging in moving processes and a wide range of accessories for demanding industrial environments.

At the SMTconnect, the team will present Datapaq systems for temperature profiling inside soldering ovens. The Datapaq Reflow Tracker range includes numerous compact solutions for all oven types and designs. The temperature profiling systems each consist of a data logger, thermal barrier, thermocouples and software. The tested and proven systems facilitate oven setup, quality control and auditing according to various standards