25 May 2022

Cloud-based, air management platform improves preventative maintenance capabilities

ACB North provides enhanced customer support with iConn

ACB North, a distributor of CompAir compressors in the UK, has praised the improved service and preventative maintenance capabilities that iConn – CompAir’s digital platform – has helped deliver to its customers.

Providing compressed air users with in-depth and real-time knowledge about their compressed air systems, iConn is an intelligent digital service that aids production planning and helps end users protect their investment. It also helps strengthen relationships with customers by ensuring the service provider can respond quickly if an issue arises.

Chris Hall, Director at ACB North said: “iConn helps us to better plan our service work, while making sure we’re immediately alerted to any potential problems with a compressor, so we can solve them before the customer even knows there’s an issue.”

A cloud-based, air management platform, iConn enables operators to stay in control of a compressed air system at all times. Delivering historic, real-time, predictive and cognitive analytics, it allows users to rectify potential issues before they happen. This can help provide tangible benefits to a business’ bottom line, with real-time monitoring, alarms and warnings reducing the risk of downtime. The cloud-based system means remote sites can be easily monitored, and compressor performance can be optimised with machine parameters and trend analysis over time

Hall continues: “We currently have around 250 sites installed with iConn, and our plan is to make sure every 37kW compressor and above is fitted with iConn over the next six months. Why? There are two key reasons.

“The first is around how iConn has helped us improve our service planning. We service customers in the North and North East of England, as well as the East Midlands. Previously, we were sending out an engineer to each of these regions for a couple of days each month, travelling to customers’ sites and checking the status of their compressed air systems. Now, not only can we check their service logs online and see where maintenance is due, but remotely monitor how a compressor is running. This allows us to track a customer’s compressed air usage over time.

“For example, if a customer is only scheduled to have one service a year, but we can see that the site has used twice as much compressed air over a six-month period than expected, then we can get in touch with them to arrange a more regular service schedule and explain why this is needed. Not only does iConn help us proactively service our customers better, but it also raises awareness of further aftermarket opportunities with our customer base.”

iConn’s capability to assist with preventative maintenance is another key advantage. Hall explains: “The second key benefit to iConn is how it ensures we can react quickly to any breakdowns, or any unexpected compressor issues that could lead to bigger risks further down the line. iConn has alerted us to issues before a customer is even aware there’s a problem with their compressed air system, so we can sendan engineer out straight away to make sure it’s resolved in a timely and professional manner.

“This means iConn not only helps us with preventative maintenance but ensures we’re able to service our customers in the most efficient and helpful way possible, strengthening these working relationships.”

Mainly serving customers in the education, power, industrial engineering, and food and beverage sectors, ACB North has been a big advocate of iConn since its launch, believing many are still not aware of its potential.

“iConn helps us be very transparent with our customers, so they’re able to see how we can help improve the efficiency and reliability of their compressor. It’s a key differentiator from our competitors too.”

iConn is also an open platform, supporting ancillary and compressed air products from other brands.

Hall concludes: “From optimised servicing, to proactive rather than reactive maintenance, iConn has really helped change the game when it comes to how we manage and monitor compressed air systems. Providing assured peace of mind to customers, it helps optimise the performance of a compressor throughout its working life. Whether it’s the ability to better manage a compressor’s working parts, leading to reduced maintenance costs for the customer, or the opportunity to detect leaks by monitoring the unit’s power consumption, compressors that are not taking advantage of iConn are absolutely missing a trick.”

Company info: CompAir