20 Feb 2024

Cotton swabs automatic inspection and packaging solution

Smart Manufacturing Integrates Machine Vision and Industrial Robots
Many people cannot imagine a day without using cotton swabs. Behind such a small product, there is
extensive know-how from production to packaging. Since the unit price is relatively low, the investment in
time and resources is highly sensitive. To optimize results, the cotton swabs must be quickly placed into a
package in order. This is a challenge for traditional manufacturers that mainly rely on manual labor.
Yet another challenge, is that there is an ever increasing shortage of manpower in the manufacturing
industry. To enhance productivity and maintain a consistent product quality, many manufacturers adopt
automated equipment and processes. On top of that, smart manufacturing is becoming an unstoppable
trend. To prepare for this new era, building highly automated production lines has become a necessary move
for the future.

Delta recently built a cotton swabs’ automatic inspection and packaging solution for a packaging partner
working with a cotton swab manufacturer. The solution integrates a vibration bowl, conveyor belts, industrial
robot, and machine vision for an all-in-one automatic machine. It improves overall performance with higher
productivity and longer runtime. In addition, the adoption of machine vision avoids the inconsistencies of
manual inspection and ensures product quality.

The solution includes the High-Performance Slim PLC DVP-SV2 Series that delivers cotton swabs from a
vibration bowl and transfers them to the inspection spot under the Machine Vision System DMV2000
Series. The SCARA Robot DRS40L Series then tracks the conveyor and picks-and-places the qualified
ones into the case in a set order. While the robot sends a signal to the PLC for counting, the pick-and-place
movement stops when it reaches the set number. The PLC controls the positioning cylinder to switch to a
new case and enable a smooth process for packaging and inspection.

Delta cotton swabs automatic inspection and packaging solution provides the following benefits and
advantages for the manufacturer and users:
• Automated production line enhances productivity
The automated production line integrates the 10.1-inch Widescreen Ethernet HMI DOP-110 Series, High-
Performance Slim PLC DVP-SV2 Series, and SCARA Robot DRS40L Series. It extends runtime and
enhances productivity.
• Machine vision maintains consistent product quality
Unlike manual inspection, the Machine Vision System DMV2000 Series avoids distraction and can quickly
and precisely detect defects and maintain the consistency of product quality.
• Quick pick-and-place ensures the package counts
Delta’s SCARA Robot DRS40L Series quickly tracks the conveyor and sends signals to the Highperformance
Slim PLC DVP-SV2 Series to count whether the quantity of cotton swabs has reached the set
number, and ensures the accuracy of each case.
Delta’s cotton swab automatic inspection and packaging solution integrates PLC, machine vision, and
industrial robot in an all-in-one machine. It decreases the need for space and is capable of quick and precise
packaging. Besides, it helps users overcome labor shortage challenges. The solution is highly automated
and flexible for industrial 4.0, which may help users embrace the potential and opportunities of smart
Delta recently built a cotton swabs automatic inspection and packaging solution for a customer. The solution
adopts machine vision to avoid manual inspection inconsistencies and maintain product quality.
Delta integrated the High-Performance Slim PLC DVP-SV2 Series (Right), Machine Vision System
DMV2000 Series (Middle) and SCARA Robot DRS40L Series (Left) to ensure a smooth packaging and
inspection process.