19 Aug 2022

Creating high-value, high-integrity products for engineers

Copper Alloys commits to developing new complex metals for future generations

Copper Alloys, led by Managing Director Ben Turner, says it aims to simplify the production of complex materials and components to create high-value, sustainable, high-integrity products for engineers across the globe.

Turner commented: “At Copper Alloys, we strive to create game-changing dynamic metals for mechanical engineering. Our unique CNC-1 Wrought Copper Nickel Chrome Alloy has been developed to outlast the current material, by up to 10 times and dramatically increase shock resistance of components produced from it.

“I’m very proud to head a company that is doing the right thing – before it has to. Copper Alloys strives to educate engineers around the world, to maximise the lifespan of their components.”

Using game-changing technology, the new Managing Director of Copper Alloys says he is keen to take on more projects. To achieve this, he will utilise different platforms, simplified by the relationships already established across the globe. Turner comments: “One piece of primary research that I’m extremely proud of is the British Corrosion Project. No one else is doing this and Copper Alloys has been able to successfully test marine metals in various environments to generate useful data for marine engineers. The project illustrates just how well the Elite Alloys withstand aggressive marine conditions over all other metals that are currently being used in the sector.”

Copper Alloys’ suite of Elite Marine Alloys fared exceptionally well and demonstrated high anti bio-fouling properties.

Turner continued: “Despite being submerged for almost six years, CNC-1 Wrought Copper Nickel Chrome showed practically zero corrosion and some of the hybrid Aluminium Bronze/Cupro-Nickels performed very well in the aggressive environment, showing almost no sea growth compared to the rest of the heavily affected samples.”

Turner, who joined the company in 2005 as Sales and Marketing Manager, said: “My involvement in one of the most ambitious energy projects in the world, the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) is a highlight of my career.

“To collaborate with such bright minds on building the world’s first nuclear fusion power plant, is a profound moment for me. The ambition is to prepare the way for the fusion power plants of tomorrow, while campaigning to end man kind’s reliance on fossil fuels.”

In 2013, Turner was promoted to Director of Sales and Marketing, and in the last few years he has helped to guide the business and focused on building foundations in various mature sectors. Working particularly hard on the geographic expansion of Copper Alloys, into very niche markets around the world.

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