11 Aug 2022

Cybercriminal attacks motivated by financial gain

Growth in Security Issues for CISO’s

Cyber-attacks are the greatest risk to a company’s operational capacity, as well as its revenue and brand value. With the digital transformation, and with it an acceleration of modern technology, there has been a vast increase of security issues that Chief Information Security O­fficers (CISO’s) have had to face.

This is especially true for small to medium business, as these companies have accelerated straight through to the Cloud and experienced at full force all the new and developing related issues. Similar issues face larger corporations, but at di­ffering degrees.

‘96% of CISOs stated that they face well-organised cybercriminal attacks motivated by financial gain. Nearly 72% of them said adversaries are moving faster than they are, and a similar number (69%) say their adversaries have improved their attack capabilities in the last 12-18 months.’ – CISO Mag

But a lot of CISO’s know the challenges they face, they just have so many that they can’t prioritise them, don’t know how to prioritise them, and are unable to solve the issues they face as they continue to rise.

The Solution

Many CISO’s are turning to Managed Security Services (MSP’s) to help support them and their teams with security operations. The right MSSP should improve business efficiency by saving CISO’s time, by utilising the right resources, and putting into action the services most appropriate for them. An MSSP can ensure that a company is legally compliant, help mitigate threats, and reduce costly disaster repairs if attacked. But, most importantly, an MSSP will support the foundations, so that a business can keep on building and growing, without the constant worry that its security will cause its collapse, both from inside and from external threats.

In its latest white paper, ‘Top 8 CISO Challenges SolvedSecurityHQ delves into the top 8 challenges companies face, and how to solve them through an MSSP as businesses continue their journey of digital transformation and cyber threats continue to rise.