11 Dec 2023

Deep Dive: Confidential Computing in IoT using Open Enclave SDK

Microsoft Developer

Join us LIVE at 9am PT June 19th. Deep Dives are interactive live events, so join us learn and ask questions with our panel of security and IoT experts! Special extra time after the event to make sure our experts can answer all your questions! The enormity of data and the evolution of intelligence in IoT is inspiring new computational models that distribute compute from cloud to edge and synthesize data to improve business outcomes. The result is rapid growth in patterns such as deploying proprietary algorithms and data including AI, generating valuable insights including monetization avenues in, and creating direct actions including those controlling downstream critical infrastructure from IoT devices. But such patterns are potentially susceptible to exposure of algorithms, data, valuable insights, and tampering of actions unless the computational environment is protected by confidential computing. Confidential computing is difficult and Microsoft, together with partners, has embarked on simplifying confidential computing in IoT using enclaves on Open Enclave SDK. Join us in this interactive session to experience the investments in simplifying confidential computing firsthand. Developers: Witness tooling integration for familiar development flows and start your confidential computing development now. Business partners: Witness how confidential computing in IoT is within the business scope of safely deploying confidential operational models to the edge for improved business outcomes. Device partners: Get insights on why to plug in into an emerging ecosystem of confidential computing capable devices. Simplifying confidential computing: Azure IoT Edge security with enclaves – Public preview https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/blo…