11 Aug 2022

Digital health platform wins major award

Vinehealth named the Most Innovative Cancer Patient Support Tool in the Global Health & Pharma News Technology Awards 2021

Vinehealth has been named as the Most Innovative Cancer Patient Support Tool in the Global Health & Pharma News Technology Awards 2021.

The awards celebrate businesses and professionals who have made exceptional contributions and innovations in the medical technology industry.

Founded in 2018 by Rayna Patel and Georgina Kirby, Vinehealth is a digital health platform that can improve the quality of life and outcomes of cancer patients. Using a combination of behavioural science and AI, the company’s intelligent digital technology provides highly scalable patient support programmes and collects rich data.

Using Vinehealth’s app, patients can better self-manage their medications, side-effects and symptoms, and can regularly enter ‘patient-reported outcome’ (PRO) data to support clinical decision-making, inform service delivery and drive clinical research. Better self-management has also been linked to lower hospitalisations and lower patient anxiety. Studies show that encouraging patients to log PRO data prompts timelier and more effective patient-clinician communication, and improves clinical decision-making, patient outcomes, and care satisfaction. Evidence also shows that when patients track their PRO data effectively, survival increases by up to 20%.

Vinehealth’s ability to generate rich patient understanding is growing with its expanding dataset. This data is hugely valuable to pharmaceutical companies, insurers and hospitals: as evidenced by the fact that Vinehealth has already secured its position as the preferred supplier to six top 10 global pharmaceutical companies and CROs, including Novartis. Uniquely, Vinehealth feeds this PRO data into its machine learning algorithms to drive even more personalised support to patients and further improve their outcomes, and enable life sciences and providers to predict patient impact at any stage of drug development or delivery.

This award marks the end of a very successful year for the company, which has seen it receive its CE mark in record time and raise $5.5 million of investment in its latest seed funding round. With 15,000+ downloads and exceptional engagement seen in research trials, the Vinehealth platform is set to scale rapidly across the life sciences sector, which is urgently in need of scalable technology to drive richer patient insights, optimise patient engagement and improve therapeutic outcomes.

Company info: Vinehealth