19 May 2022

Digitalisation is key to achieving netZero goals

net Zero

By Aaron Blutstein, Managing Editor Smart Futures

Most commentators agree that UK Government has hosted a mostly successful COP26 summit which has advanced global efforts to tackle the global climate and nature crisis. However obvious concerns regarding coal and other fossil fuels commitments which have been watered down, which means despite the best efforts of many, negotiators, activists and businesses, we all will have to keep working beyond Glasgow to keep the 1.5 degree target alive.

Where COP26 has been truly pioneering, however, is in terms of the contribution of business. I agree with Tony Danker, CBI Director-General who says that the past few weeks, have highlighted that businesses have shown they are committed to moving from laggard to leader on climate and to bring fresh impetus, innovation and ingenuity to delivering net zero. And in order to deliver net Zero, digitalisation will be at centre of being able to achieve this goal – therefore there is no time to waste!