19 May 2022

Drive controllers reduce hydraulic press rejects, energy consumption

MS-Hydraulik is a developer of servo-hydraulic press technology based in Hattingen, Germany. KEB Automation has supplied a variety of drive controllers from its Combivert range, as well as Active Infeed Converters for a special purpose, 1200-tonne capacity servo-hydraulic press that produces large individual steel parts for vehicle construction.

During the planning stage of the new servo press, Stangier relied in particular on KEB’s Active Infeed Converter (also known as ‘Active Front End’) technology. This enables both energy consumption from the national grid and energy output to the grid. Overall, KEB’s portfolio offers scalable charging and storage (regeneration) from 11 to 1,000kVA.

With the newly developed servo press, up to 70% savings on energy costs are achievable. Due to an extremely precise production method, rejects can also be reduced.

“We wanted to show what possibilities there were to build more efficient presses,” said Michael Stangier, CEO of MS-Hydraulik.

Servo drive controllers for high press power

In total, MS-Hydraulik uses 10 Combivert F6 drive controllers and two Combivert S6 drive controllers, as well as two F5 Active Infeed Converters. “This machine is an absolute premium product, due to its size and performance,” said KEB team sales engineer Davide Fusari.

The new press was built in Italy by one of MS-Hydraulik’s partners, although all the engineering work was carried out in Germany. By working closely with KEB, MS-Hydraulik was able to build an energy efficient press with high speed dynamics and precise repeatability.

As environmental aspects are increasingly important success factors, the new servo press also took this into account. For example, the volume of oil required by the machine was reduced and cooling is no longer necessary.

Company info: KEB