25 May 2022

Edge computing brings data closer to the source for local processing

A whitepaper from Siemens shows how to implement manufacturing intelligence to improve the efficacy of core business processes to drive performance while also creating a more sustainable consumer goods enterprise.

The powerful combination of IIoT, edge computing and low-code application development can create a powerful software solution across the entire manufacturing enterprise, and Siemens’ whitepaper highlights how consumer goods companies can embrace these changes.

The introduction of low-code development has enabled the fast creation of applications to support business needs. Low-code development platforms and the applications they enable make information accessible on devices throughout an enterprise, driving productivity and sustainable operations.

Manufacturing intelligence software gathers, analyses and presents manufacturing information from across an enterprise to improve productivity and ensure sustainable operations.

While a massive amount of data is fuelling companies and giving them a better sense of their operations, processing all that data is a big undertaking. Edge computing brings data closer to the source, rather than to an external cloud, allowing processing to take place on the device or in the network.

Company info: Siemens