13 Apr 2024

ESD certification for industrial robot portfolio

Mitsubishi Electric has achieved third-party certification for the protection against ESD across its MELFA family of industrial robots.

Mitsubishi Electric has announced it has become one of a select few manufacturers to achieve third-party certification for the protection against electrostatic discharge (ESD) across its MELFA family of industrial robots.

The company says the certification covers a range of MELFA FR horizontal and vertical industrial robots with a maximum payload of 20kg, as well as the RV-5AS-D-ESD industrial collaborative robot. It has been achieved through the use of a specialist paint on non-loadbearing plastic components, which enables the entirety of the robot arm to be earthed and prevents ESD build-up.

All units have been tested in accordance with EC 61340-5-1:2016 and ANSI/ESD S20.20:2014, which includes static and dynamic testing and measurement of triboelectric charges.

The certification approves the MELFA ESD range for use in a variety of complex production environments where the presence of ESD could cause significant damage to the components being assembled. Potential applications include printed circuit board (PCB), semiconductor and silicon chip wafer assembly; as well as the handling of electronic components throughout the automotive, electrical and medical device market.

The MELFA ESD models incorporate all the core functionality of the RV-FR and RV-RH range of industrial robots, and offer easy systems integration with PLC, servo and HMI. The models offer high-speed with excellent repeatability and are easy-to-use with clear visual programming. Key attributes include highly accurate 2D/3D vision and force sensors, in-house motors, highly rigid arms and original drive control technology for high-torque output at high rotation speeds.

All models are also compatible with the MELFA Smart Plus card which can offer a variety of intelligent functions such as predictive and preventative maintenance, calibration assistance and enhanced vision and force sense control provided by MELFA Safe Plus that enables the safe interaction of people and industrial robots.

Barry Weller, Product Manager – Mechatronics at Mitsubishi Electric Automation Systems UK, commented: “The presence of electrostatic discharge could spell disaster during the handling and assembly of delicate electrical components. Ensuring your automation equipment is working with you not against you is critical, especially in high-volume production.

“Becoming one of a select few robot manufacturers to secure third-party certification for protection against ESD is a big step forward for Mitsubishi Electric in the UK. Our MELFA FR range of vertical and horizontal industrial robots has built up a strong reputation for repeatability and reliability; now manufacturers are able to confidently deploy them in very sensitive environments knowing they can be trusted to perform in a safe and sustainable way.”

Company info: Mitsubishi Electric