11 Aug 2022

Fibre strippers ideally suited to medical applications

Fibre Strippers of Plastic Construction for Medical Applications

Laser Components has introduced handheld Medistrip fibre strippers which are used for removal of the buffer or coating from a fibre.  In the process of stripping fibres it is essential not to damage the fibre cladding and these strippers are ideally suited.  The Medistrip range covers many large core fibres used in medical and industrial applications, as standard.

Stripper housings are marked with a specification reference along with intended fibre size.  In respect of the latter the first number designation stands for the diameter of the closed blades.  This means that the diameter of the fibre cladding must be smaller than this diameter.  The second number stands for the diameter of the front entry hole, the buffer diameter must be smaller than this diameter.  The Medistrip consists of a plastic handheld housing with stainless steel cutter blades set according to fibre size as outlined above.

The Medistrip range is ideally suited to the medical market as these are steam-sterilisable allowing for repeated use under sterile conditions which saves money.

Company info: Laser Components