24 May 2022

Fully automated parcel drone on display

Fully Automated Parcel drone loading rover to demonstrate at UK’s largest electric car show

Motion-Robotics has developed a fully automated parcel drone loading rover that has the potential to be part of the next retail automated robotics boom. 

The company is first and foremost a robotics company that specialises in automation and motor technology which fits perfectly with aerial and ground drones. it operates in areas that enable unmanned and manned drones to perform safely and effectively

The company will be demonstrating at Fully Charged Live in Farnborough International 29th April – 1st May. Its display in the Future Flight Zone curated by Flight Crowd will showcase one of the key systems that will power its automated drone port. Throughout the weekend the audience will have a number of opportunities to witness the live rover demo. This will demonstrate the parcel loading systems it has been developing over the past few years.

Flight Crowd is an open Urban Air Mobility (UAM) community bringing together enthusiasts and experts to both educate and grow the wider public interest in the future aerial transportation industry. Flight Crowd’s platform addresses the need to raise public awareness of the possibilities and benefits UAM technology is going to have upon mass implementation.

The Future Flight Zone is a new addition to the Fully Charged Live. Organised by Flight Crowd, this section of the event will showcase the exciting new world of electric flight from promising air taxis, to BVLOS parcel drones.

Company info: Motion Robotics