15 Apr 2024

Industrial-Grade Single Axis MEMS DC Accelerometers

Silicon Designs Announces Enhanced Features for Model 2220 Series Industrial-Grade Single Axis MEMS DC Accelerometers

Silicon Designs, a certified designer and manufacturer of highly rugged industrial- and inertial-grade MEMS DC accelerometer chips and modules, has announced a series of enhanced design features for its Model 2220 Series. 

Among the enhancements are the company’s incorporation of a Silicon Designs Model 1522 surface mount accelerometer as primary sense element, along with an enhanced 1-inch square anodised aluminium case design and extended integral cable length to 10 feet.

Offered in standard ranges of ±2 to ±400 g, single axis, low-noise Model 2220 series MEMS DC accelerometers provide reliable, stable, and repeatable measurements of AC and DC acceleration within zero to medium frequency instrumentation applications. They are particularly effective within applications where larger thermal gradients or rapid temperature variation may be present, or where hot and cold extremes must otherwise be maintained over extended time periods. To ensure maximum thermal stability and performance, each Model 2220 internal sense element is further individually tested, programmed, calibrated and verified within a climate chamber environment during the manufacturing process.

Model 2220 series MEMS DC accelerometers feature a simple four-wire connection, with low-impedance outputs that can drive 300 metres of cable. Their compact and lightweight footprint measures just 1” square and weighs just 10 grams.  The accelerometers are +8 to +32 VDC powered and are offered with the dual functionality of both a buffered ±4V differential output and a 0.5V to 4.5V single ended output. Onboard voltage regulation and an internal voltage reference eliminate the need for precision power supplies. Each robust, anodised aluminium case of the Model 2220 series is potted and then epoxy sealed, allowing for ease of accelerometer mounting via two screws, adhesive, or magnets. An initial calibration report is also included with each accelerometer module.

Typical applications for the Silicon Designs Model 2220 series include aerial firefighting equipment monitoring; aircraft flight, flutter, and vibration testing; automotive and off-highway vehicle engine, transmission, and suspension systems monitoring; vehicle crash event detection; road load data acquisition (RLDA); bridge and structural health monitoring; pump monitoring; motorsport acceleration and deceleration measurements; railway monitoring; seismic studies; semi-truck stability testing; and wind turbine monitoring.

Since 1983, Silicon Designs says it has supported the industry with the design and manufacture of highly rugged industrial-grade and inertial-grade MEMS DC accelerometers with integrated amplification.




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