25 May 2022

Industrial temperature measurement range expanded

Variohm EuroSensor expands NTC thermistor range with polyimide sleeved variant for medical applications

Variohm EuroSensor has announced it has launched a new polyimide sleeved, high-tolerance NTC thermistor aimed at high-sensitivity medical instrumentation and industrial temperature measurement applications.

Expanding its ENTC thermistor range, the new ENTC-MP-10k3977-01 is specifically designed for precision sensing of small mid-range temperature changes in non-condensing moisture environment temperature sensing tasks.
The new thermistor is based on the durable epoxy bead EB series encapsulated sensors. Its 1.27mm diameter by 5 mm long polyimide sleeve offers high temperature stability, robust mechanical properties, and superior chemical resistance and is a widely used material in applications where durability is an important requirement. With a time constant of 15 seconds in still air the thermistor’s resistance at +25°C equates to 10 kΩ whilst a 25/85 Beta value constant of 3977K ± with a 0.5% accuracy suits fine precision temperature measurement supported with an interchangeability of ±0.1°C over a range of 0 to 70°C. An operating temperature range of -40°C to +90°C is specified. The ENTC-MP is supplied with insulated leads – approximately 150 mm long with 2 x 30 AWG solid copper wires with Kynar insulation. Custom versions can be supplied on request.

Variohm’s recently launched ENTC range covers high-sensitivity NTC thermistors in a choice of hermetically sealed glass or epoxy encapsulation. The range offers a flexible choice of operating temperature, precision, and time constant performance for applications from engine temperature controls to refrigeration, industrial instrumentation, and medical equipment.