15 Apr 2024

Level sensor for challenging applications


Sensor specialist BAUMER reports it is continuing to benefit from the recognition of its award winning sensors which deliver market leading level measurement performance, even in the most challenging applications.

The company says a good example is its ‘smart’ level sensor the CombiLevel PLP70 which recently achieved a first place in the voting for ‘Best Product of the Year’ in a leading German automation journal at SPS 2023.

The key feature of the PLP70 potentiometric level sensor is its unparalleled low minimum conductivity performance for continuous level measurement applications (greater than 5 microsiemens/cm). Even when working with ‘challenging’ media like distilled water, the sensor delivers extremely accurate and reliable measurement results which helps to optimise system performance, such as precise monitoring of the levels in process tanks and storage vessels.

Andrew Moran, Senior Product Manager at BAUMER UK comments, “The PLP70 level sensor is ideally suited for applications which involve a wide variety of media, or frequent media changes. Thanks to its media independent measuring principle, the sensor offers the highest accuracy and repeatability, even in the most demanding applications.

“With its short response time of less than 100 milliseconds the sensor is especially suited to more dynamic processes which involve rapid level changes in filling systems which ultimately maximises raw material utilisation and saves money.”

BAUMER says operators will also appreciate the easy monitoring and control of the sensor via its proven display which includes a background changing colour and effectively provides all the required information at a single glance, even from longer distances. Functions of the touch display include temperature, pressure and conductivity enabling quick and convenient operator intervention directly at the sensor display.

Company info: Baumer