19 May 2022

Making wastewater treatment plants safer, smarter, and more sustainable

Wastewater treatment plant

ABB has launched ABB Ability Smart Solution for Wastewater, a digital solution which addresses the challenges faced by wastewater treatment plant operators to achieve both the lowest energy use, and the highest operational standards. 

The solution is composed of two main pillars, advanced process control (APC) and digital twin and simulation technology to forecast future operational needs. It will help wastewater treatment plants reach optimal operating conditions by reducing process variability and stabilising operations through continuous monitoring and automation. This enables constant, incremental operational adjustments and gains, reducing energy consumption and chemical usage, alongside increasing profitability.

Marco Achilea, Global Segment Manager, Water & Infrastructure, ABB Energy Industries, said: “This new product leverages our long-standing expertise in advanced process control, performance optimisation and digital twin technology. With the demand for treated wastewater rapidly growing around the world, our goal is to continue to develop sustainable solutions that reduce energy use whilst improving water quality and operational efficiency.”

Developed with hydraulic modelling intelligence from the Danish water environment specialists, DHI Group, the ABB Ability Smart Solution for Wastewater can create a more stable treatment process by predicting wastewater inflow together with environmental factors such as weather patterns, reducing risk of overflow and fines.

ABB Ability Smart Solution for Wastewater will be the first in a family of smart solutions for the water industry. Building on the experience and solid performances of ABB’s Optimax and APC, this first offering is designed to make wastewater treatment plants safer, smarter, and more sustainable.

Company info: ABB GB