24 May 2022

Mechanical Testing Techniques Training Course

ZwickRoell Mechanical Testing Techniques Training Course
ZwickRoell provides professional, comprehensive, and cost-effective training and its next structured training course will focus on ‘Mechanical Testing Techniques’


The course will be held on 14th April 2022 at Jurys Inn, Watling Street, Hinckley, Leicester. LE10 3JA

The company says the course is applicable for the following:

Managers or technicians responsible for the QA testing of metals and metal products.

Customers interested in improving their knowledge of testing techniques and test results interpretation.

Designers, specifiers or those working in a sales or purchasing environment.

Key learning objectives:

Understand the meaning of terms such as strength, ductility, hardness, and toughness
Appreciate why compromise between high values of strength and toughness is necessary
Understand the metal structure differences that give rise to continuous and discontinuous yielding
Be familiar with parameters such as Young’s modulus (E), yield strength, proof stress, UTS, ductility measures,   engineering stress-strain, true stress-true strain and work hardening index ’n’

Distinguish between ductile, brittle, and intergranular failures  Gain an insight into creep, fatigue, and fracture mechanics

Please click on this link for details of the course agenda