24 May 2022

NearFi couplers enable contactless power and data transmission

NearFi Couplers

NearFi, a new technology for contactless power and data transmission in the near-field range has been launched by Phoenix Contact.

The company says that its innovative technology is the first to enable wireless, protocol-independent and latency-free Ethernet communication at speeds of up to 100 Mbps across an air gap of up to 10 mm.

One of the first applications of this technology is in the new NearFi couplers, which will replace wear-prone connectors or slip rings in industrial applications. This is especially helpful in situations where these parts are reaching their limits due to contamination, vibration, or frequent contact.

The couplers can be mounted easily and flexibly with the universal mounting options. They can be brought together from any direction or in rotation and do not have to be positioned exactly on top of each other. The all-around visual signalling with bright LEDs displays the operational readiness of the coupling link in all spatial directions. With robust IP65 housings with M12 connections for Ethernet and power, the NearFi couplers can also be used in demanding environments.

Company info: Phoenix Contact Ltd