19 Aug 2022

New home for manufacturer of smart electrical solutions

Nadežda Dementjeva outside the new factory in Kelia

Ensto Building Systems has announced the completion of its new factory in the Kelia industrial Park in Finland.

The company, a manufacturer of smart electrical solutions, says the new factory has doubled the current factory area and will include 8200 square metres of floor space. Harju KEK was in charge of the construction of the factory, which cost more than three million euros.

According to Nadežda Dementjeva, Head of the Ensto Building Systems Keila factory, the company needed more space to implement its growth strategy. “Demand for electrical equipment and solutions has grown significantly. If we compare it with last year, the demand for electric vehicle chargers alone has grown by 35% and it will probably grow even more. Over the past year, the number of employees has increased by 50 and we currently need 30 new people. The new factory allows all the company’s production units to be brought together under one roof. It creates production conditions with a development perspective – this is the beginning of a new era for us. “

There will be 220 people working there and all of the company’s production units will be concentrated there: the production of electric vehicle charging stations, smart electric heaters, and various electrical accessories. The newly completed part of the factory will house the expanded production of electric vehicle chargers and the storage of components. Dementjeva added that the share of component warehouses has increased significantly in the light of the coronavirus crisis and therefore, companies need to think long-term to anticipate and ensure the necessary stock of components.

Janek Lehtmets, Head of Harju KEK, said  developments like the new factory for Ensto Building Systems in Keila are extremely necessary for the local business environment: “The faith and willingness of such companies confirms that entrepreneurs have good opportunities to develop and grow in Keila Industrial Park. An attractive business environment as well as the presence and support of the population and workforce are essential for large-scale investments.”

Company info: Ensto Building Systems