01 Jul 2022

New partnership extends coverage across the whole world

neXat interconnects with Eutelsat ADVANCE network to deliver wider coverage and better flexibility for ISPs worldwide

neXat (powered by SatADSL), reported to be the  world’s first satellite aggregation platform, will interconnect its three global Point-of-Presence (PoP) interconnections – based in Brussels, Orlando and Singapore – to the Eutelsat ADVANCE global network. Eutelsat’s PoPs are located in Paris, New York and Singapore.

Connectivity providers worldwide will be able to benefit from better choice, wider coverage and greater flexibility thanks to the creation of this new global satellite network of PoP interconnections.

neXat’s PoPs are local access points processing and shaping IP traffic and connecting the Internet backbone with regional teleports.

This new partnership extends neXat’s coverage across the whole world, allowing it to access the entire fleet of the Eutelsat ADVANCE network and its managed portfolio of connectivity services, without the need to create separate connections to dedicated teleports and hubs. This means more choice, flexibility and time-to-market for service providers connected to the platform.

neXat COO Michel Dothey said: “This is a truly significant step for the neXat platform in our journey towards establishing ‘The Network of satellite networks’. It increases the ability for our clients to buy and resell satellite capacity via the neXat’s e-Marketplace, while providing better access to the value-added services provided by our platform. Thanks to the interconnection of our networks, we can now deploy any new connection on Eutelsat satellites very easily and quickly.”

“Building on our strong relationship with Eutelsat, which has already connected some of its beams to our platform, this new initiative will bring benefits not only to our respective companies, but also to the many ISPs and connectivity providers across the world who need reliable, affordable and widely available satellite services.”

neXat is a capacity aggregation platform that acts as an intermediary between teleport and hub operators and the marketplace. It offers its partners access to a network of resellers across five continents and operates as a Platform as a Service (PaaS) that offers a full suite of value-added services.


Company info: Nexat