19 May 2022

Partnership strengthens market opportunities in the Baltic Region

Scape is establishing a new partnership with Demek CNC OÜ – an Estonian based provider of metal machine tools and complete automation – for the Baltic Region.

Demek CNC’s key advantages are its competence, flexibility, and response speed, along with employees who have been working in this field for 10 to 30 years. The main clients are metal machining companies, but Demek also provides automation for the electronics, food and lumber industries, and other companies.

“Demek CNC OÜ is very pleased to count among its new partners Scape Technologies – the most experienced manufacturer in the challenging field of bin-picking. In our opinion, their precision and rreliability is the future of the bin-picking market”, says Maitis Märss, Member of the Board – Demek CNC OÜ.

“Demek CNC’s core competences and projects fits to SCAPE Bin-Picking Solutions which enable cobots and industrial robots to perform tasks that would not otherwise be able to automate efficiently and cost-effectively. The technology is used for pick-and-place and Bin-Picking operations for automatic machine feeding, where benefits in the form of increased stability, reliability and efficiency help to ensure high profitability in automatic handling of items”, says Henrik K. Nielsen, Channel Manager – Scape Technologies.