13 Apr 2024

New product announcement – cMT-g02 IIoT Gateway

Integrating miscellaneous factory automation equipment is rarely an easy task since often each machine uses a different controller. When integrating with other IT systems, the variety of protocols often presents a challenge. In 1995, the OPC standard was released to address this issue, in 2006, OPC UA (Unified Architecture) made it possible to get the same information from machines regardless of operating system.

The cMT-G02 communication gateway is not only equipped with an Ethernet port, but also supports WiFi which enables connectivity where conventional network wiring provision is not practical.

With built-in de-facto IIoT protocols, MQTT & OPC US, the cMT-G02 is a great fit for many applications where the integration of real-time data is required. With over 20 years experience in HMI design & development, Weintek’s cMT-G02 supports over 300 different PLC and controllers.

cMT-G02 Features:

  • Industrial WiFI
    cMT-G02 supports WiFi standard 802.11b/g/n which has a strong resistance to interference. The detachable antenna allows third-party antennas to be used also, should the installation environment require it. WiFi settings are quickly configurable with a built-in web interface
  • OPC UA settings can be changed using the web interface
    The web interface can be used to change OPC UA communications settings – i.e. to add, modify or delete OPC UA nodes or change PLC communication parameters (Serial or Ethernet).
  • Built-in OPC UA
    Built-in OPC UA client & server – officially certified for compliance by the OPC Foundation to ensure seamless device integration.
  • Built-in MQTT
    Built-in MQTT client & server which support direct connection to Amazon Aws IoT, eliminating the need for hosting and MQTT server by allowing connection to the low-cost, reliable AWS IoT MQTT server.
  • Push notification and pass-through connection to remote PLCs (EasyAccess 2.0)
    EasyAccess 2.0 can enable remote connection without adjusting firewall settings. By using EasyAccess 2.0 push notifications, users can receive immediate notification of critical operation errors on their portable iOS and Android devices.

To purchase follow this link, or call our sales team on +44203 026 2670.