17 Apr 2024

OMRON’s Flexible Manufacturing Webinar – Wednesday 20th July @10:00am

OMRON are inviting you to attend their online webinar giving you an exclusive preview of their Autonomous Mobile Robot Centre

OMRON are inviting you to attend their online webinar giving you an exclusive preview of their Autonomous Mobile Robot Centre, in collaboration with Strategic Partner – Reeco Automation.

Join Stuart Coulton – OMRON’s UK Marketing Manager – who will bring you a digitally guided tour of the Flexible Manufacturing Roadshow. The event will feature exclusive demonstrations of cutting-edge, human-machine collaborative solutions, showcasing a range of practical solutions for the factories of the future to enable flexible and intelligent production improvements.

Witness fully functional and complete solutions to address some of the key challenges affecting manufacturers – such as palletising, transportation and traceability – with less reliance on manual labour, reduced energy consumption and increased OEE.

Learn more about these solutions that are futureproofed for the digital era:

  • flexible palletising via OMRON’s strongest fully autonomous mobile robot HD-1500 for heavy loads of up to 1,500 kg and our cutting-edge collaborative palletising cells
  • box to pallet transportation
  • box to mobile robot top conveyor
  • conveyor to pallet with OMRON TM cobot
  • a mix of natural navigation and selectable autonomy navigation
  • flow features (CAPS, single robot zone, taxi line)
  • an IoT dashboard
  • built-in serialization & traceability
  • cobots and mobile models working in harmony and sustainably with the operators
  • the Sysmac automation platform.

Plus they’ll also be the opportunity to ask any questions at the end!

REGISTER TODAY BY CLICKING HERE: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/7987337772592619532

Company info: Omron Automation