24 May 2022

Partnership aims to help healthcare organisations improve efficiency

Ultimo and Fluke Biomedical team up to optimise healthcare equipment testing and maintenance

Ultimo and Fluke Biomedical have announced a partnership that aims to help healthcare organisations improve efficiency by minimising the time technicians spend on manual, paper-based or repetitive tasks. The partnership integrates Fluke Biomedical’s OneQA quality assurance platform with Ultimo’s EAM solution to enable intelligent data-sharing and improved productivity.

By using Fluke Biomedical’s solutions, healthcare technicians can save time as there is no need to take repetitive measurements manually. Instead, they can obtain them from the devices remotely, with a single click, and receive real-time guidance on the correct test setup. Immediate follow-up action can then be taken through Ultimo if a malfunction or negative test result is identified. This prevents a medical asset from being unnecessarily unavailable. Connecting the data to Ultimo eliminates many manual actions and reduces the risks of errors.

Patrick Beekman, Partner Solution Manager at Ultimo, said: “Connecting data from OneQA with Ultimo allows you to create work orders directly, speeding up the process. You can generate and attach test documents or launch checklists easily without any paperwork. All OneQA test records are synchronised to the cloud and shared with Ultimo, making it possible for users to keep test records safe and accessible at all times, which is crucial for our healthcare customers.”

Kiran Jagilinki, Software Product Manager at Fluke Biomedical, added: “Integrating OneQA with Ultimo will help bio-departments be more automated while still meeting regulatory needs. With OneQA, an Ultimo customer can integrate test equipment, testing protocols, test results and, with a select set of Fluke Biomedical tools, a series of fully automated tests integrates into their broader asset management system – Ultimo. Ultimo customers could yield considerable time savings with OneQA. With very little human entry, this integration improves the integrity of the test results.”

Company info: Fluke Biomedical