19 Aug 2022

PLCnext Control for edge computing

PLCnext Control for edge computing

In recent years, there has been a heavy focus on utilisation of the cloud. Using the cloud has revolutionised how people store and use their data. Everything can be handled in the cloud but, latency, bandwidth, security, or a lack of offline access can be problematic. To solve this problem, users need robust, secure and integrated on-premise infrastructure for edge computing.


The EPC 1502 and EPC 1522 products combine the robustness of a proven industrial PC platform, together with open PLCnext Technology,  to deliver a platform for building smart control and custom IoT Edge solutions. The standard PC technology and connectivity, together with modular engineering software and cloud integration, provide the ability to future-proof solutions through the simple integration of existing and future software services.


The range features a fully metal housing with compact dimensions. To save time and cost the platform already has a number of pre-installed technologies accessible via a web browser. This includes PLCnext Technology, Node Red and Time series Database with dashboard. The EPC has an open Linux platform to allow for further software expansion.


The new EPC products from Phoenix Contact are part of a new family of IoT edge devices that are designed to bridge the gap between the OT world.

Company info: Phoenix Contact Ltd