11 Aug 2022

Project committed to lowering the carbon footprint of construction


As the Government announces its Energy Security Strategy, Sizewell C’s Civil Works Alliance has signed the UK Steel Charter. This signature pledges the Sizewell C Project to procure a steel pipeline worth more than £700 million over the next 10 years.

The Project is committed to lowering the carbon footprint of construction, boosting the UK’s steel industry and minimising the environmental impact of the Project’s steel use. As a replica of Hinkley Point C, which is under construction in Somerset, Sizewell C is expected to build on the current steel pipeline – which includes around 50,000 tonnes of structural steel and 230,000 tonnes of steel reinforcements – creating long-term stability for investment and decarbonisation initiatives.

Sizewell C will continue the nuclear legacy restarted by Hinkley Point C and its tens of thousands of workers. It will be a national project benefitting regions across the country with at least 70% of the construction value going to British companies; that’s over £14 billion benefiting British businesses and supporting UK jobs and industry.

In signing the Charter, Sizewell C has committed to taking specific steps to maximise the amount of UK steel used in the project. These include:

Developing a future steel pipeline, detailing and publicising its future steel requirements well in advance of tendering and construction

Placing a requirement in appropriate contracts requiring the origin of steel to be provided

Monitoring and producing data on the levels of UK-produced steel used

In signing the Charter, Sarah Williamson, the Civil Programme Director at Sizewell C, said: “This is a proud commitment for Sizewell C, and another milestone in project progression. Nuclear and steel are prized components of British industry and this commitment reinforces their role in supporting UK energy security and climate ambition. Sizewell C will support 70,000 job opportunities across the UK and rely on over 3,000 UK-based suppliers, with 70% commitment to UK content. It is ready to build upon the nuclear legacy restarted by Hinkley Point C and the UK Steel Charter is just one example of where the project will prioritise British industry and suppliers.”

UK Steel Director-General, Gareth Stace said: “We strongly welcome this commitment from Sizewell C to the UK steel sector and to taking concrete steps to maximise opportunities for domestic steelmakers. This announcement will be gladly received by steel companies and communities as a recognition of the strategic importance of our sector and as a demonstration of the positive power of procurement.

“With almost 300,000 tonnes of steel required for the project there is huge potential here to support UK jobs and economic growth and minimise the environmental footprint of the project through opting for UK made steel. As Sizewell C strengthens the UK’s energy security, it can also play a valuable role in boosting the security and resilience of the UK’s manufacturing supply chains. The commitments it is setting out today should do just that. We look forward to working with Sizewell C in the months and years ahead to delivering on this project and on these strategic aims.”

Company info: UK Steel