13 Apr 2024

Registrations for IIOT, Communications and 5G Talking Industry panel discussion open

Talking Industry

Registrations for the forthcoming Talking Industry (TI) panel discussion on  IIOT, Communications and 5G, taking place online on the 15th February at 10am, are now open, click here.

Connectivity is a one-word summary for the Industry 4.0 revolution. From fieldbus to industrial Ethernet, from proprietary technologies to open standards, the evolution of network technologies has improved productivity and increased the interoperability of communication. This TI discussion will be an opportunity to hear our panel of five international experts discuss relevant issues, including:

• How to set up a high level 5G private network using a unique pure software approach (Gilad Garon, ASOCS).

• The role of people and cultures in the different stages of implementing IIOT (Michaël Lefeuvre, Red Lion Controls)

• An update on Profibus, IO Link and structured networks (Chris McComb, PI UK)

• An IIOT case study: the added value given by IIOT to motors and drives, making them easier to instal and maintain (Prakash Shahi, Nidec)

• How to obtain financial incentives and tax credits in the major economies for development work surrounding advanced technology fields (Jonathan Orr, R&D Advisors)

Questions can be posted live on the day but registrants are also welcome to submit in advance to the Chair Andy Pye at: andy.pye@defamedia.co.uk