04 Mar 2024

Showcasing digital intelligence


Omron says this year marks a significant milestone as it celebrates 90 years of pioneering technological advancements that have transformed the manufacturing landscape. As a testament to its commitment to innovation, Omron says it will be showcasing a range of demonstrations at stand B34 during the PPMA Show at the NEC in Birmingham from September 26th to 28th. The demonstrations will highlight the latest advancements in technology, addressing the pressing challenges faced by today’s manufacturers.

Omron says its display at this year’s PPMA show will exemplify how machine builders and end users can achieve remarkable improvements in efficiency and uptime through the deployment of artificial intelligence (AI) in two crucial areas: intelligent machine control and fault detection and remediation using augmented reality (AR).

In many manufacturing operations, a vast amount of data is collected but often remains unused due to its complexity. Omron says its digital intelligence solution focuses on machine-level data analysis by utilising its Sysmac controller with edge-based AI. Through a small bottling line featuring an i4 SCARA robot for filling, visitors will be able to witness real-time trend analysis and alerts generated on the fly.

By combining live data-at-the-edge with the controller’s adaptive intelligence, Omron’s solution is capable of flagging anomalies in various operational parameters, such as fill level, visual defects, and machine torque. Any deviation outside predefined parameters can trigger visual alerts, alarms, or even line shutdowns for critical safety variables. This intelligent machine control not only enhances operational efficiency but also improves overall safety and quality control.

Omron’s demonstration will also showcase the power of applied AI in remote digital troubleshooting. By utilising AR glasses, in-house engineers can collaborate with remote experts to diagnose and resolve machine malfunctions, minimising downtime and its impact on production. The benefits extend beyond operational efficiency, as this solution contributes to reduced carbon footprint and enhanced time efficiency.

In addition to the integration of AI and AR, Omron will present the numerous benefits of bringing together its inspection capabilities and Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs). The integration of Omron’s Inspection Station with an AMR can revolutionise the production line, optimising manufacturing processes in several ways.

The seamless automation of product transportation between the AMR and the Inspection Station can significantly enhance efficiency by eliminating manual handling, reducing time consuming and error-prone tasks. The AMR autonomously navigates the production facility, ensuring smooth and seamless transportation of products. This streamlined workflow leads to improved productivity, reduced cycle times, and increased overall production throughput.

Furthermore, the integration provides manufacturers with enhanced flexibility. The system can be easily reprogrammed and adapted to accommodate various product types and specifications, allowing efficient handling of diverse product lines without extensive reconfiguration.

Consistent and reliable quality control is another notable advantage of the integrated system. Omron says its Inspection Station is renowned for its accuracy and precision in detecting defects and anomalies. By incorporating it with an AMR, inspections can be performed consistently and uniformly on every product, mitigating the risk of human error and ensuring consistent quality assurance throughout the production process.

Real-time data and analytics play a crucial role in the integrated system, enabling seamless data exchange between the Inspection Station, the AMR, and other connected systems. Manufacturers can gather real-time data on inspection results, defect rates, and production performance, facilitating data-driven decision-making and process optimisation. The integration not only improves operational efficiency but also helps in reducing waste and enhancing overall productivity.

Safety is a paramount concern in manufacturing, and the integration enhances safety by reducing the risk of injuries or accidents associated with manual handling. Equipped with advanced sensors and navigation capabilities, the AMR can safely navigate through the production facility, avoiding obstacles and adhering to predefined safety protocols.

The integration also offers scalability and future-proofing capabilities, enabling manufacturers to adapt and expand their operations without significant disruptions or capital investments. As production demands increase or new products are introduced, additional AMRs and Inspection Stations can be seamlessly integrated into the system.

Garry Lewis, Omron’s Market Development Manager, says:  “Celebrate with us as Omron marks its remarkable 90th anniversary. Discover how our innovative solutions are shaping the future of manufacturing by enhancing efficiency and ensuring quality control. Join us at stand B34 as we showcase the latest automation, robotics, and inspection technologies. Don’t miss the chance to witness the power of Omron’s expertise and be part of the next chapter in manufacturing innovation.”



Company info: Omron Automation