17 Apr 2024

Showcasing the roadmap to digitalisation at Advanced Engineering 2022

IT integration provider Ripley Solutions, will attend the Advanced Engineering 2022 at the NEC, Birmingham

On November 2 and 3, 2022, IT integration provider Ripley Solutions, will attend the Advanced Engineering 2022 at the NEC, Birmingham. On stand F100, Ripley Solutions will consult visiting manufacturers on how they can integrate IT and operational technology (OT) to increase productivity, improve cybersecurity and enable digital transformation.

As more businesses aim to realise Industry 4.0, technology is developing quicker than ever. While manufacturers recognise the benefits of such technology and optimising the manufacturing process, successfully digitalising operations can be difficult. Most are unsure where to begin, particularly because there is a common misconception that businesses must invest in all the latest equipment to realise Industry 4.0.

When upgrading infrastructure, manufacturers must also think about preventing risk factors, such as cyber-attacks and data loss, while keeping operational costs low. Introducing more advanced OT systems without considering upgrades to infrastructure elsewhere can create backdoors that enable hackers to enter the system, which can cost manufacturers thousands. To help manufacturers effectively digitalise the facility, Ripley Solutions works with manufacturers to find the pain points in the business and develop a strategic plan to upgrade infrastructure.

Digitalising operations requires businesses to integrate IT and operational technology (OT), so visiting the Ripley Solutions stand is the perfect opportunity to gain tailored advice from a company with expertise in both IT and OT. The team will work with businesses to develop a tailored solution to integrate systems, improving productivity and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

“By attending Advanced Engineering 2022, we want to help manufacturers stay one step ahead and showcase our expertise on digitalising production,” explained Paul Holding, Solutions Architect at Ripley Solutions. “As well as being a Connected Forum sponsor, visitors can attend our seminar where we’ll discuss where to begin on the smart factory journey, providing guidance for manufacturers to avoid common pitfalls, and the real world applications of Industry 4.0.”

Advanced Engineering is the UK’s leading manufacturing and supply chain event, giving OEMs and supply chain partners the chance to network and discuss key industry topics with experts to improve production bottlenecks. The event also allows attendees to celebrate and get hands-on experience with the latest technologies and equipment.