11 Aug 2022

Simplifying the integration of device data

Leuze tests every function module extensively before release. This facilitates fast and error-free integration of IO-Link device data

Leuze says its new IO-Link function modules simplify the integration of device data into PLC programs saving users time and enabling error-free installation

The company says users can simply and quickly transfer the function modules to the control program and common control systems from manufacturers such as Siemens, Beckhoff, and Rockwell Automation are supported. The new modular approach makes reading and writing device parameters significantly easier and the function modules can be downloaded free of charge for all IO-Link products from Leuze.

Each function module is tailored to an IO-Link sensor from Leuze. The software-based modules save time as it is no longer necessary to waste time looking for data types, parameter indexes, and process data structures. It also prevents possible errors in the integration of IO-Link device data. Users can even obtain diagnostic data while the process is running and use them for optimising the set up. Individual components of the process data are easily accessible thanks to the process data parser function.

Another advantage for users is the format and recipe change during operation: Recipes stored in the PLC can be switched easily in the sensor by the control program while the process in ongoing.

Leuze offers the IO-Link function modules as free downloads. Further information is available at www.leuze.com/io-link-fb

Company info: Leuze Electronic