11 Aug 2022

Solvent-free containment grade coating with enhanced flexibility

Belzona5815 being sprayed on

Belzona has announced the release of Belzona 5815, a containment grade coating with enhanced flexibility.

In numerous industries, concrete is used to build secondary chemical containment areas and bunds. The function of these structures is to retain spilled chemicals, facilitate product recovery, and prevent environmental contamination, as required by environmental and safety regulations. While concrete is a cost-effective and sturdy material, it is susceptible to physical and chemical damage due to its porosity. Concrete walls and floors are prone to damages caused by cracking, increased porosity, reinforcing bar corrosion, and chemical attack. If the deterioration is not addressed early, the structural integrity of the concrete may suffer, and even with the use of the bund, it can result in contamination of the surrounding areas and groundwater. Concrete also moves mostly due to thermal expansion and contraction. If expansion joints are not placed and spaced accordingly, this movement can lead to cracking, affecting the monolithic character of the concrete substrate and exacerbating ingress of chemicals.

Therefore, a number of asset owners opt for containment areas coated with protective coatings. Some of these coatings are specifically designed for chemical resistance to aggressive chemicals whereas others are less chemically resistant but more flexible, so ideal for crack bridging. Products like Belzona 4361, for instance, provide both chemical resistance and flexibility. However, it could be quite costly for secondary containment applications where the stored chemicals are rather benign. The company says this was the main reason for launching Belzona 5815, a solvent-free containment grade coating with enhanced flexibility.

Osmay Oharriz, Technical Manager at Belzona, notes: “Belzona 5815 is an economical solution to secondary containment areas holding nonaggressive chemicals”.



Company info: Belzona Polymerics