19 Aug 2022

Strong year for additive manufacturing markets

Additive Manufacturing Industry Grew 18 % in 2021 Report SmarTech Analysis

A report from Smartech Analysis has found the fourth quarter of 2021 capped a strong year for additive manufacturing markets. The growth rate for all additive hardware, materials, software and outsourced services is estimated to be 18% (to $10.6B) for 2021 compared to the same period in 2020.  Specific to metals, the market grew 16%, to $3.9B. Specific to polymers, the market grew 13%, to $5.8B. Software is believed to have grown significantly from 2020 to account for the remainder and worth nearly $900M in 2021.

Beyond the annual data, the report also provides numbers for Q4 2021. The fourth quarter saw the recovery trend continue with strong single digit year-over-year growth, and healthy continued sequential growth compared to Q3 2021.

Scott Dunham, SmarTech Analysis EVP Research, commented: “Clarity and context are extremely important when considering 3D printing market data.  Our top line numbers comprise additive hardware, materials, software, and outsourced services only. These totals do not include ancillary equipment which is utilised in AM production, or service contract revenue from machines sold. Even without these peripheral markets, the 3D printing industry’s core market data supports a very consistent historical upward trend.  A slight COVID-related downtick in 2020 has given way to increased adoption due to technological improvements and increasing economies of scale.  Perceived value of AM technologies has ramped up with consideration towards risks to globalisation posed by the pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine war.  This is all reflected in our data and forecasts.”

About the Report

SmarTech’s “Core Metals” and “Core Polymers” market data products include four years of historical quarterly data and provide 10-year forward forecasts. Quarterly reports on the metal and polymer AM markets are available as a one-time or subscription purchase via SmarTech’s website and are customisable as needed.

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