11 Aug 2022

Switching to wearable barcode scanners

Hand Strap

Proglove has launched a new scanner and matching wearable and says this will make it easier for small and mid-sized companies to switch to wearable barcode scanners for their workers.

The company says both LEO and the Hand Strap come with an outstanding price-performance ratio and as a result the new solution offers up to 30% savings in comparison to the current Proglove portfolio. Therefore small and medium size businesses that still rely on conventional scanner guns can now benefit from the advantages of wearable barcode scanning with Proglove. Additionally, Proglove has introduced other key innovations including Narrative Insights for its industry analytics solution.

The new Proglove Insight feature enables automated updates about critical shop floor events and developments. Finally, users of the MARK family of products get to benefit from a firmware update that packs a punch with a battery life extension of up to 40%.


Proglove says at only 1.23 ounces, LEO is a lightweight world champion as it weighs less than any other barcode scanner from Proglove and its price makes it a real alternative for companies that still rely on conventional scanner guns.

At a threshold of only 300 scans per shift LEO usually pays for itself within 12 months. Thanks to the extensive integration portfolio, connecting LEO with other smart devices such as tablets or smart phones is straightforward and simple. Moreover, LEO is fit for “over the air” updates. LEO immediately delivers tangible results and allows for extremely easy handling: Users simply plug it in and start scanning. LEO can process all common 1D and 2D barcodes between a range of 6 inches to 2.3 feet and – as part of the ProGlove eco system – easily connects to ProGlove’s industry analytics solution Insight. LEO handles up to 4,000 scans per battery charge and loads within one hour.

The Hand Strap

The Hand Strap is a completely new type of wearable from Proglove. It places the scanner on the back of the hand but leaves the palm free. This provides more dexterity and diminishes heat and perspiration issues. Factors that make a significant difference for certain activities. However, the Hand Strap’s applications go well beyond narrowly defined areas. The wearable enables efficiency and ergonomics with low cost of ownership. It is made of a durable but lightweight mix of fabrics. Another key advantage is that LEO’s left- and right-handed versions pursue a one-size-fits-all approach, adapting to all shapes and sizes of hands. The Hand Strap does not require any additional glove holders, release pads or cables. This makes equipping employees much easier. The Hand Strap is a perfect match for new ProGlove users or organizations that need to address fluctuating staffing levels on sites.

The Hand Strap not only works with LEO but all other ProGlove scanners.

Narrative Insights

With Narrative Insights, Proglove says it presents a crucial innovation of its industry analytics platform Insight. At its core, Narrative Insights includes three components: the analytics engine, a front-end visualisation and an API. With Narrative Insights, the platform now offers automated updates on key performance indicators. Narrative Insight delivers its findings in a news stream so that no manual intervention is necessary. In addition to the free Insight basic package, ProGlove offers two more packages: Enterprise Visibility and Enterprise Analytics. The Enterprise Visibility functionalities primarily provide insights into device management topics. This includes a device list, critical information on the status of the scanners, such as battery charge or configuration, as well as Lost & Found, a feature for tracking down misplaced devices. The Enterprise Analytics package provides information on device performance. In addition, Enterprise Analytics enables time-motion studies and analyzes the performance of the running processes.

Software upgrade for significantly more battery performance

Last but not least, Proglove has released a firmware and says with this booster, the performance of the MARK family of products increases by up to 40%. The MARK Basic scanners now achieve 7,000 scans per battery charge instead of 5,000. In the case of MARK Display, the upgrade results in an increase of 1,500 scans. The scanners now process 7,500 scans instead of just 6,000. Finally, the scanners in the MARK 2 series can now perform up to 12,000 scans instead of just 10,000.

Andreas König, CEO at Proglove comments: “This product initiative underpins our claim to be thought leaders in barcode scanning. We are an innovation hub because we think ahead and provide our industry wearables as new data points for process improvement. Before anyone else in the market, we rethought barcode scanning to pave the way for greater efficiency, quality and ergonomics. Now we’re making the standard for back of the hand scanners affordable for businesses of all sizes.”


Company info: Proglove