15 Apr 2024

The return of the Cobots

Universal Robots has announced the return of its popular productivity roadshows, helping SME manufacturers to address labour shortages, improve output and make their operations more competitive.

The first of these free to attend events will be taking place in Oxford on 22nd September before visiting Carlisle on 12th October and Sheffield on 7th December.

The productivity roadshows are suitable for businesses with limited or no experience with collaborative automation, or for those wanting to take the next step in their automation journey. Attendees can test drive cobot applications, receive advice on automating tasks within their own business and get to know the people driving automation innovations in their city.

“After an almost two-year hiatus we’re delighted to get back to our face-to-face events, demonstrating the power of cobots for UK manufacturers wanting to build a smarter, more efficient and resilient business,” says Mark Gray, country manager – UK & Ireland, Universal Robots. “We’re on a mission to ensure companies of all sizes can reach their full potential and there’s no substitute for seeing the technology in-person to truly grasp the possibilities.”

The local Universal Robots team will be demonstrating the full range of collaborative robots, ranging from the table-top sized UR3e all the way up to the UR16e for heavy duty tasks. They will also be showcasing UR+ approved partners and applications, including:

• OnRobot – grippers and other end-of-arm tooling

• Sick – vision systems & safety

• Ewelix – slide and lift kit

• Igus – cable management kit.

Individuals can register for the events here – https://www.universal-robots.com/uk/collaborate-roadshow/