11 Aug 2022

Touch panel product family for sophisticated visualisation

TP 6000 touch panel product family from Phoenix Contact

The TP 6000 touch panel product family from Phoenix Contact is a flexible HMI product platform for sophisticated visualisation solutions.

The products are available in different display sizes and can be used in numerous applications due to the range of interfaces and installation possibilities. All panels in this product family come with Visu+ runtime preinstalled and can be configured with the free Visu+ (Express) engineering tool. Existing Visu+ (Express) projects can be used directly on the panels.

The Visu+ visualisation software has a multitude of communication drivers, not only enabling its use in Phoenix Contact systems, but also providing for flexible connection to third-party devices. With the latest in capacitive glass touchscreen technology and a metal housing, the touch panels offer high-grade craftsmanship and quality. Panels with display sizes of 12.1″ and larger are equipped with a proximity sensor that allows for the screen’s backlight to be auto-dimmed or switched off entirely.

Company info: Phoenix Contact Ltd