19 Aug 2022

Ultra-compact camera offers AI and wireless capabilities

Nicla Vision: the new ultra-compact, low-power solution that combines machine vision and edge computing

Arduino Pro has introduced the Nicla Vision, a new addition to its Nicla product family, designed to extend the Arduino ecosystem with a range that stands out for its tiny form factor (22.86 x 22.86 mm), computer vision, industrial-grade data sensing and fast deployment capabilities.

The Nicla Vision is a ready-to-use camera supporting TinyML, which can function as a standalone device, enabling image processing on the edge for advanced machine vision and edge computing applications.

Thanks to its 2MP colour camera, smart 6-axis motion sensor, integrated microphone and distance sensor, it is suitable for asset tracking, image detection, object recognition and predictive maintenance. It senses and captures data regarding distance, sound, movement and vibration, and allows developers to quickly implement wireless sensor nodes to send collected data to the Arduino Cloud (as well as AWS, Azure, and GCP among others) via integrated WiFi/ Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity.

Powerful and versatile, widely compatible and packed with all the features  needed to easily develop and deploy advanced solutions, Nicla Vision can be ideal for building automation, industrial automation and prototyping applications.

Daniel Colonna, Marketing Director, STMicroelectronics Microcontroller Division said: “The powerful STM32H747AII6 at the heart of Nicla Vision supports exceptional image-processing capabilities through its dual processor, including an Arm Cortex-M7 core running at up to 480 MHz and a -M4 core running at up to 240 MHz. We’ve worked with Arduino, an ST Authorised Partner, in their development of a product with the intelligence to process and extract useful information from anything it sees, making it especially suitable for industrial and smart buildings applications,”

In addition, the LSM6DSOX – a 6-axis smart IMU sensor able to sense, think and act – perfectly suits the low power requirements of the board thanks to its embedded machine learning core.

Small in size but big on compatibility, Nicla Vision complements other Nicla products as well as the Arduino MKR or Portenta ranges. It supports MicroPython and, thanks to its versatile connectivity options, can be integrated into projects using a broad range of professional and consumer equipment.
Last but not least, Nicla Vision stands out for its low power consumption, making it the ideal fit for 24/7, always-on sensor data processing. It can even be battery-powered for completely standalone solutions.

All in all, Nicla Vision offers a combination of ultra-compact camera, AI and wireless capabilities, for on-device image processing and faster deployment of machine vision at the edge.

Company info: Arduino PRO