13 Apr 2024

Ultra precise workspace Cartesian gantries

ALIO stimulates innovation with cartesian gantries

With its constant focus on optimising ultra-precise motion control solutions for its customers, ALIO Industries reports it is revolutionising precision in automation through the development of ultra-precise large workspace Cartesian gantries.

Cartesian gantries are effectively sophisticated robotic systems that operate in three dimensions using the Cartesian coordinate system’s X, Y, and Z axes. Equipped with linear motors and advanced error compensation, they can provide highly precise, multi-directional movement within a defined workspace.

As manufacturing advances towards smaller, more complex products with superior quality, the precise control offered by Cartesian gantries becomes essential. Their design is straightforward and modular, facilitating customisation and scalability for meticulous motion control tasks.

Applications for these gantries are diverse, including semiconductor production, 3D printing, automated assembly, and scientific research. In the era of automation, they are pivotal in creating more efficient production lines, enabling rapid adaptation to changing market needs, which in turn boosts productivity, minimizes waste, and enhances product quality.

Bill Hennessey, President of ALIO Industry says, “In pick and place applications, the large work areas offered by ALIO’s Cartesian gantries offers a significant advantage by enhancing operational flexibility and efficiency. Such an expansive workspace allows the system to access and manipulate a broader array of components simultaneously, streamlining batch processes and enabling faster production cycles. Moreover, it accommodates the handling of larger products or the simultaneous processing of multiple smaller items, effectively increasing throughput. This spatial flexibility also means that the system can be easily reconfigured or adapted to handle diverse product sizes or types without substantial modifications, catering to the ever-changing demands of modern production lines. In essence, a larger work area not only boosts productivity but also ensures that the gantry remains versatile and adaptable to various pick and place requirements.”

ALIO says its expertise in motion control is evident in its gantries, integrating high-performance motors and safety mechanisms to ensure reliability and precision, even with substantial payloads. The construction of these systems is designed for rigidity, minimising vibration and ensuring rapid stabilisation, which is crucial for maintaining accuracy and efficiency.

Company info: ALIO Industries